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Build Your Brand & Expand Your Reach with Coaches' Corner

Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous is a SaaS: Show as a Service

Hey Coach,

I see you.

You’re not just another name in the world of coaching. You’ve got a fire; a unique story to share.

Your book, your system, can make an enormous difference in someone’s life. In the world.

The only thing standing in your way?

Getting your message out there so people can benefit from it.

Your book or system is more than words on paper. It’s more than the blueprint you’re presenting.

It’s your passion; your life’s work.

But passion and dedication can’t market what you’re offering.

Building your brand, growing your audience… it’s tough, right? Almost feels impossible on some days.

And I get it: you’re looking for more than just sales. You want to make an impact and create that seemingly elusive connection that turns a reader into a follower, a follower into a lifelong community member.

But let’s face it: the strategies you’re following just aren’t cutting it.

The Business Athlete Performance Lab (BAPL) can help.

I’m Keith Bilous, founder of BAPL and host of Live in the Lab, and I don’t sell books and systems—I keep people accountable to theirs. And I help coaches like you get their message out there.

Introducing The Coaches’ Corner @ Live in the Lab.

Book Your Spot Now

Your megaphone to the world.

A chance for you to step into the spotlight and share your story, your book, your system—your passion—with a highly engaged community of business leaders and athletes who are hungry for your offer.

Coaches’ Corner is an interview-style show, hosted by me, where we dive deep into your world. We talk about your journey, your insights, and the unique approach that sets you apart. It’s a dynamic, interactive way to showcase your brand, your personality, and your narrative.

And it’s exclusive.

With the BAPL approach, you’ll stand out—not drown—in the sea of coaches.

We’re offering a limited space of 250 show spots for our 2024 calendar.

The standard production fee is $1000, but for the first 100 coaches who sign up, it’s just $500.

  • A custom-branded 60-minute interview with me.

  • Your very own Coaches’ Corner Content Collection on Substack.

  • A 30-day placement rotation on the BAPL 24/7 YouTube Live Stream.

  • Plus, we’ll randomly share your story on our flagship Live in the Lab show and engage in Substack cross-promotions throughout the year.

  • BAPL-Effect network distribution.

  • We also provide instant podcast distribution into the BAPL network.

  • We’re all about creating high-quality, engaging content, tailored to showcase your unique voice and message.

  • And, for your own distribution, you get:

    • 60 pieces of social media content, including:

      • video trailers from the interview.

      • text-based short-form social posts.

      • text-based long-form social posts.

      • Images from each show in the collection

So, Coach, are you ready to build your brand and grow your audience?

Click on the button below to book your spot.

Remember: if you’re among the first 100 coaches to book, you’re getting it at just $500.

Book your spot today

We have a limited space of 250 show spots available for our 2024 calendar.

Production fee is $1000.

The first 100 booked shows for 2024 will be charged the low fee of $500 per show.

What do you get for a Coaches Corner Appearance

  • A custom branded 60 minute interview with Keith Bilous

  • Your own Coaches Corner Content Collection on Substack

  • 30 day Placement rotation on the BAPL 24/7 Youtube Live stream

  • Randomly featured in the Flagship Live in the Lab Show

  • Cross promotion on Substack

  • instant podcast distribution into the BAPL network

  • 60 pieces of social media content per episode that for your own distribution

  • Video Trailers from the interview

  • Text based long form social posts

  • Bapl effect network distribution

  • High quality content for your network distribution.

That is Coaches’ Corner. We really believe in the solution and are very excited to introduce it.

Join me.

Let’s make some great content for you.

Let’s present your narrative in a way you want to be presented.


Book your Spot Now

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