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👉🏻 Bonus 👉🏻 Saturday Show | Episode #59

I love the lab so I jumped in for a bonus show

I love the Lab, so I couldn’t resist doing an impromptu show, which turned into an engaging narrative where we explored the upcoming week’s guests and talked about current events.


  • Shared my two cents on how holidays, especially Christmas, have become all about spending. I'm advocating for more meaningful experiences over just buying stuff.

  • Delved into how technology is evolving, especially in video formats and VR. Expect immersive experiences to be the next big thing!

  • Discussed how platforms like TikTok are influencing content creation. I predict a swing back to longer-form content soon.

  • Opened up about how fitness and hitting the gym have been crucial for my personal accountability.

  • I had a candid moment discussing the importance of social proof today. I shared my personal decision to step away from social media seven or eight years ago. This break was a significant step for me, allowing me to focus on real-life connections and being present in the moment.

  • A deep, entertaining dive into the concept of accountability.

Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous
Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous
Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous is a daily LIVE talk show for creators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, athletes and startup founders. We share interesting stories from interesting people to entertain, inspire, and inform you.
We like to dig into the moment behind the moment while digging even deeper into the next moment using curiosity as the driving principle of our conversation.
If you are looking for content and conversation designed to move you, inspire you and help you be accountable to your next in life. Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous is the place for you.