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A Coaches Journey

The Twists and Turns | Episode #86 | Alex Stein

Today, I chatted with Alex Stein. A leap from hockey coach to business guru.

His story? It's about resilience and growth. Success isn't dodging failure.

It's using it as a stepping stone.

That's Stein's mantra.

His coaching style? Supportive, non-judgmental, and brave.

It pushes you past your limits.

  • Feedback and self-reflection are key.

  • They invite growth and improvement.

  • That's how we evolve.

Stein and I agree:

Leadership is about connections.

It empowers us to reach our full potential.

So, how can we use these insights? How do we create a growth-friendly space?

Let's tackle this together, with open hearts.

And remember, "Keep being human."

Our humanity is our strength and success.


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