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Meet The Two Dads

Introducing Keith & Dai | Episode #1

Hello Business Athlete Nation,

Chief Baplete Keith Bilous here, coming to you fresh from the lab—or should I say, the chaos that is fatherhood mixed with a dash of daily improvement.

Today, I want to share with you insights from a heartwarming and hilariously real conversation I had with Dai Manuel on our brand new show, "Two Dads in a Lab trying to be 2% Better."

It’s about being dads, sure, but it’s also about the broader quest we’re all on: to be just 2% better every day.

Just like Dai’s show ‘The 2% Solution’

The Incremental Improvement Philosophy

It hit me the other day, and I shared this with Dai: What if we could improve ourselves by just 2% daily? It's a modest goal, but imagine the compound interest of personal growth that could accrue over time.

Dai, ever the wise one, quickly pointed out, “It’s not about chasing perfection, Keith. It’s about making progress, bit by bit.”

And he's right.

This journey we're on isn't about seismic shifts but about those tiny, incremental steps forward.

Fatherhood Unfiltered

Our chat took us down the rabbit hole of what it means to be dads.

Dai and I swapped stories of our fatherhood follies and triumphs, each tale underscored by a shared understanding: being a dad means embracing the chaos with a grin.

I recounted one of those days when everything went sideways, and yet, through the mess, I found a moment of pure joy and connection with my child. Dai matched my story with one of his own, reminding us that "these moments, as hair-graying as they may be, are the ones that teach us about resilience, love, and finding humor in the face of adversity."

Navigating Tech in Parenthood

Dai and I also pondered the role of technology in our lives and those of our children. I've always been a bit of a tech geek, fascinated by the ways technology can enhance our lives.

Yet, as I shared with Dai, it's a balancing act. "Technology, for all its wonders, requires us to be mindful of its place in our family's life," I mused.

Dai shared his approach to integrating technology in a way that fosters connection and growth, rather than isolation. "It’s about leveraging technology to bring us together, to learn, and to explore," he said, capturing the essence of what many of us strive for in this connected world.

Your Invitation to the 2% Club

As our conversation wrapped up, the takeaway was clear: Let's all strive for that 2% improvement. Whether it's in our parenting, our personal growth, or how we use technology, the goal is to keep moving forward, bit by bit.

So, to all the dads out there, and indeed, to anyone on this path of self-betterment, I say this: Perfection is not the goal; progress is. Let's celebrate the small victories, learn from the challenges, and remember that even a 2% improvement can lead to significant change.

Dai and I would love to hear from you.

What does your 2% journey look like?

How do you find balance in the digital age? Share your stories, your struggles, and your successes in the comments below. Together, let's support each other in our quest to be just a bit better every day.

Until next time, keep experimenting, keep learning, and keep growing. Here's to the 2% better version of ourselves that awaits just around the corner.

Until our next epsiode.


Keith & Dai - The Two Dads



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2 Dads in a Lab trying to be 2% Better
Meet Keith Bilous, a dad of three children in a blended family. Meet Dai Manuel, a dad of two girls. These two dads have seen it all and have come together along with special guests to share their fatherly stories with you.