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Packing up the Kids: A Family Adventure

How to Make the Right Decision for your family | Episode: #015

Embracing Nomadic Life with Kids: A Family's Journey to the Unconventional

In a captivating discussion on the 'Two Dads in a Lab' podcast, hosts Dai Manuel and Keith Bilous talk with guest Jeff Staheli about his family's decision to adopt a nomadic lifestyle.

Broadcasting from a camper in Mount Hood, Oregon, Jeff shares insights into the motivations behind leaving a traditional life in Kelowna, Canada, to travel with his family, exploring the intricacies of homeschooling, the benefits of road schooling, and the impact of the pandemic on their decision.

The conversation delves into the challenges and rewards of a nomadic lifestyle, the importance of intentionality in creating meaningful family experiences, and the societal perceptions surrounding education outside the conventional system.

As they discuss their unique journey, Jeff, Diane, and Keith offer inspiration and practical advice for families considering a similar path, emphasizing the value of questioning the 'why not' when contemplating life-changing decisions.

  • 00:00 Welcome to the Nomadic Family Lifestyle Journey

  • 00:26 Jeff's Family Adventure: Embracing Nomadism

  • 01:53 The Catalyst for Change: Deciding to Live Differently

  • 08:07 The Educational Journey on the Road

  • 11:05 The Impact of the Pandemic on Life Choices

  • 16:19 Exploring Future Possibilities and Reflections

  • 19:01 Encouraging Others to Consider a Nomadic Lifestyle

  • 21:45 Wrapping Up and Teasing the Next Episode

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