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Turn Screen Time into Creation Time

Differing points of view on screen time | Episode: #016

Transforming Family Health: From Van Life Adventures to Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

In this engaging episode, hosts Keith and Die chat with Jeff Staheli, a dad who, along with his wife Amy, has embraced an adventurous life traveling North America in a van with their kids. Jeff shares how they've created a meaningful journey focused on health, education, and connection.

The discussion delves into the challenges of raising a healthy family in today's screen-centric world, offering insights into creating balanced, active lifestyles. They explore topics such as dealing with picky eaters, the importance of sleep, and the impact of screen habits on children's health.

Jeff explains how their coaching program helps parents address these issues by modeling healthy behaviors, establishing routines, and finding a balance between digital and physical worlds.

Keith and Die probe into the societal judgments around parenting and technology use, sparking a broader conversation on the importance of being mindful about how we influence our children's health and habits.

  • 00:00 Welcome Back to the Adventure: Meet the Super Parents

  • 00:48 The Mission: Helping Parents Transform Family Health

  • 01:24 Technical Difficulties and a Dive into Parent Coaching

  • 02:06 The Real Culprits: Unhealthy Habits and How to Combat Them

  • 14:13 Screen Time vs. Creation Time: A Balanced Approach

  • 24:51 Wrapping Up: Reflecting on Parental Influence and Future Steps

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