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Legacy Building Tips from a Singing Dad

Family Wealth Wisdom | Episode: #014

Wealth Building and Family Legacy: Insights from a Hotel Investor

In this episode of 'Two Dads in a Lab,' Jonathan Twombly, a seasoned hotel investor, shares insights on building wealth and creating a family legacy.

Despite his significant success in real estate, Jonathan reveals that he doesn't often discuss financial matters with his children, striving instead to imbue them with a healthy perspective on wealth and the freedom to pursue their own paths.

The conversation also touches upon Jonathan's personal experiences with money attitudes, his move from apartment investments to hotels for a more positive impact, and his efforts to connect with his kids through music, travel, and video games, like Mario Kart.

The episode dives deep into the challenges and opportunities of imparting financial wisdom to the next generation while exploring the nuances of parenting, wealth, and legacy building.

  • 00:00 Welcome Back and Singing Lessons Banter

  • 00:50 Building Wealth and Family Legacy with Jonathan Twombly

  • 01:15 Jonathan's Approach to Teaching Kids About Wealth

  • 03:13 Overcoming Stigmas Around Wealth

  • 05:16 The Shift from Apartments to Hotels

  • 06:50 Connecting with Kids Through Music and Travel

  • 11:59 The Importance of Financial Literacy for Kids

  • 12:21 Wrapping Up and Future Conversations

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