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Why being a strong dad is life-changing

Lessons from Michael Ray | Episode: #025

Navigating Single Fatherhood with Michael Ray | Dads in the Lab

In this episode of 'Dads in the Lab,' host Keith Bilous is joined by guest Michael Ray to discuss the challenges and rewards of being a single father.

With Dye Manuel off, Keith delves into Michael's experiences of raising his daughter from a young age, dealing with societal judgments, and the unique challenges faced by single dads.

Michael shares his insights on parenting, overcoming societal rules, the importance of allowing children to ask questions, and the valuable lessons learned from his daughter.

The discussion also touches on Michael's colorful past, his late start to fatherhood, and his perspective on dating as a single dad. Tune in for heartfelt advice, inspirational anecdotes, and a deeper understanding of single fatherhood.

  • 00:00 Introduction and Father's Day Context

  • 00:14 Michael Ray's Journey as a Single Dad

  • 02:18 Lessons Learned and Parenting Philosophy

  • 07:38 Challenges of Being a Single Dad

  • 13:19 Dating as a Single Dad

  • 17:20 Final Thoughts and Wisdom

  • 24:43 Closing Remarks and Farewell

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