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Secrets of Balancing 7 Kids and Business with Chris Lind

Insights from Chris Lind on Raising Seven Kids | Episode: #022

Navigating Parenthood and Business: Insights from Chris Lind, Dad of Seven

Join Keith, Dai, and Chris as they discuss parenthood, work-life balance, and the challenges and blessings of raising seven children.

Business transformation expert Chris Lind shares his approach on intentional living, sacrifice, and the importance of instilling core values in his family.

Dive into the dynamics of managing a large family, the significance of screen time, and the different methods for bonding with kids across various ages.

A heartfelt conversation filled with humor, wisdom, and practical parenting advice.

  • 00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome

  • 01:03 Meet Christopher Lynn: Business and Life Transformation Expert

  • 01:37 Fatherhood and Family Life with Seven Kids

  • 04:23 Balancing Work and Family: The Struggle with the Juggle

  • 11:13 Intentional Parenting and Screen Time Management

  • 13:01 Managing Multiple Personalities and Needs

  • 18:14 Instilling Values and Timeless Truths

  • 19:37 Conclusion and Teaser for Next Episode

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Read null in the Substack app
Available for iOS and Android

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