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Down Under Dad's Incredible Strength

A Journey of Fatherhood, Resilience, and Self-Improvement | Episode: #024

Two Dads in a Lab: Solo Parenting and Life Lessons with Michael Ray Join Keith Bilous as he navigates the challenges and joys of fatherhood with guest Michael Ray.

From solo parenting to powerlifting, Michael shares his journey as a single dad who raised his daughter from nine months old.

They discuss the unique experiences and lessons learned along the way, including the importance of discipline, self-care, and enjoying the 'moments between the moments.' Tune in for an inspiring conversation that looks at parenting from a dad's perspective, filled with humor, wisdom, and actionable advice.

  • 00:00 Introduction and Father's Day Weekend

  • 01:08 Introducing Michael Ray

  • 03:24 Fatherhood and Personal Stories

  • 06:11 Powerlifting and Parenting

  • 15:21 Challenges of Single Fatherhood

  • 21:19 Concluding Thoughts and Future Episodes

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Read null in the Substack app
Available for iOS and Android
Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous
2 Dads in a Lab
A conversation with actionable advice between two dads (and guests) all trying live a life as fathers that is 2%