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Discover How to Empower Your Kids

Family Wealth Wisdom | Episode: #013

Empowering the Next Generation with Jonathan Twombly:

Wealth, Wisdom, and Parenting In this episode of 'Two Dads in a Lab', hosts Keith Bilous and Dai Manuel, along with guest Jonathan Twombly, dive into discussions about family wealth, multifamily investing, and the imperative of legacy planning.

Recording from Brooklyn, New York, Jonathan, a seasoned real estate investor and coach, shares his journey from starting in real estate investments in 2011 to coaching others in the field.

The conversation pivots to the importance of providing children with opportunities to choose their paths, the challenges of traditional educational systems, and the ways Jonathan and his wife empower their kids to pursue their interests, such as music.

Jonathan emphasizes the significance of supporting children's mental and emotional wellness and fostering an environment where they feel comfortable discussing any issue.

The episode wraps up with plans to explore family wealth building and legacy planning in a future episode.

  • 00:00 Welcome to the Lab: Introducing Jonathan Twombly

  • 01:02 Jonathan's Journey: From Real Estate to Coaching

  • 01:51 The Impact of Late Night TV on Business and Marketing

  • 03:19 Navigating the Real Estate Market Post-Crash

  • 05:21 Family and Business: Raising Entrepreneurial Kids

  • 11:38 Empowering Kids Beyond Traditional Education

  • 14:34 Closing Thoughts: Giving Kids Wings

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