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Shaping Tomorrow with Faraz Jamal

Plus It is time for Junuary Resolution

Transforming Careers: From Computer Science to Hugo Boss - An Interview with Faraz Jamal

Join Keith and C Marty Fit in the lab as they chat with Faraz Jamal, a former computer scientist turned manager at Hugo Boss.

Faraz shares his journey from Pakistan to Germany, offering insights on how he transitioned to the high-paced fashion industry.

They discuss the intricacies of luxury branding, the importance of not settling for mediocrity, and the power of personal branding on LinkedIn.

Plus, learn about the differences between Hugo and Boss, and get an insider's look at the exciting world of Hugo Boss.

  • 00:00 Welcome to the Show: Introducing Today's Guest

  • 00:52 Diving Into Faraz Jamal's Journey: From Computer Science to Fashion

  • 01:25 Unveiling Junior Resolutions: A New Year's Revolution

  • 04:44 The Power of Community and Accountability

  • 13:52 Embracing Failure and Overcoming Mediocrity

  • 20:24 Faraz Jamal's Transition: From Tech to Fashion Industry

  • 27:42 The Unmatched Employee Experience at Boss

  • 27:57 Exclusive Campus Perks: From Fine Dining to Fashion Discounts

  • 31:09 Celebrity Encounters and Branding Excellence

  • 35:08 The Evolution of Luxury Fashion: Embracing Quality Over Logos

  • 37:12 Innovative Brand Strategies: Hugo and Boss Differentiation

  • 45:32 Empowering Employees as Brand Influencers

  • 50:13 Transitioning Careers and Embracing New Opportunities

  • 53:05 The Future of Fashion on LinkedIn and Beyond

  • 56:17 Wrapping Up: The Power of Personal Branding and Influence

Fact: falling short is part of the game.

**It’s ok to miss the mark.

It’s ok watch that idea fail miserably.

It’s ok to start over again and again and again.

What’s not ok?


Giving up.

Accepting mediocrity.

Because if you do, you’re gonna wake up with regret one day.

Unless you’re ok with that, it’s time to face whatever is holding you back.

Do that thing.

Take the leap.

And have fun doing it.

It’s not about the outcome.

It’s about enjoying the journey.

It’s about looking back one day and saying,

“Everything didn’t work out. But f*** man, I lived.”**

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