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We came back for Show Number #2

Nobody Slept In for Episode #002

In this episode of 'Mornings in the Lab', hosts Keith and Nicole Bernard share their morning routine and engage in discussions on a variety of topics including:

  • their new morning show schedule

  • listener demographics across different time zones,

  • the importance of positive and enlightening content,

  • setting routines, accountability,

  • and their ambitions for the show as a platform for engagement and motivation.

They delve into personal anecdotes, the significance of starting new routines, and invite listeners to be part of their journey of self-improvement and community building.

The duo also covers various subjects ranging from AI predictions for 2030, the impact of technology on society, upcoming features and changes in social media platforms, discussions on modern work culture, inflation, and even canceled projects by well-known companies.

The show aims to provide an informal yet informative space for listeners to start their day on a positive note.

  • 00:00 Kickstarting Day Two: Mornings in the Lab with Keith and Nicole

  • 01:55 Global Audience Insights: From North America to Europe

  • 02:42 The Essence of Morning Routines and Accountability

  • 06:40 Reflecting on Personal and Professional Growth

  • 11:42 Inspiring the Next Generation: Lessons in Persistence and Hard Work

  • 17:40 Exploring the World: The Impact of Travel and Photography

  • 25:14 A New Segment: Sharing Useless Yet Intriguing Knowledge

  • 27:14 Exploring Reality Show Content and Mr. Beast's Influence

  • 28:08 The Hilarious World of Unusual Names

  • 28:48 The Great Meatloaf Debate: Love It or Hate It?

  • 30:29 Navigating Privacy in Airbnb Stays

  • 31:38 Morning Show Dynamics and Audience Engagement

  • 37:56 Futuristic Predictions: AI and the World of 2030

  • 42:04 The Evolution of Work and Society with AI

  • 45:25 Elon Musk's Open Source AI and the Future of X

  • 52:00 Wrapping Up: Reflections and Tomorrow's Plans

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