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Show Number #001

Launching Mornings in the Lab: Keith and Nicole's New Journey

In the premiere episode of 'Mornings in the Lab,' hosts Keith and Nicole introduce themselves and their vision for the show.

Set against a backdrop of soft jazz, they discuss their motivations for starting a morning show centered on accountability, both personal and for their audience.

The show promises a blend of business insights, athletic endeavors, adventures, love for technology (particularly AI), and pop culture discussion.

Keith shares his disdain for running but commitment to confronting challenges. Nicole reveals her preparations for an ultra-marathon, highlighting personal goals and discipline.

They aim to engage their audience through live interaction, accountability check-ins, and fostering a community to pursue personal and professional goals together.

The conversation touches upon various topics including daylight savings time, pet stories, and plans for the show's format, aiming to inspire and motivate their listeners to start their day with energy and purpose.


  • 00:00 Welcome to the Morning Show: A Fresh Start with Keith and Nicole

  • 00:45 The Birth of a Morning Show: From Ultra Marathon Training to Accountability Partners

  • 01:23 Adjusting to Daylight Savings: The Struggle is Real

  • 02:01 The Morning Show Plan: Live Sessions, Loops, and Listener Engagement

  • 02:23 Daylight Savings Debate and the Impact on Our Furry Friends

  • 03:20 Morning Routines and the Power of Accountability

  • 05:16 Introducing the Business Athlete Performance Lab: A Blend of Business, Athletics, Adventure, and AI

  • 05:50 Oscars Night Recap and the Shift in Media Consumption

  • 06:50 The Morning Show Format: Engaging with the Audience Live Across Platforms

  • 08:52 Embracing Entrepreneurship and the Spirit of 'Just Doing It'

  • 15:06 Nicole's Entrepreneurial Journey: From Corporate Dreams to Farm Life and Marketing

  • 25:24 The Importance of Consistency in Marketing and Content Creation

  • 27:59 A Glimpse into Personal Lives: Family and Pets

  • 29:38 Launching the Morning Show: Goals and Expectations

  • 34:51 The Power of Community and Personal Challenges

  • 39:34 Exploring Fitness and Wellness Routines

  • 41:34 Stretching, Yoga, and the Importance of Mobility

  • 51:23 Wrapping Up: The Journey Ahead

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