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Is the Barkley Marathon The Toughest Race in the World?

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Today on the Show:

Morning Motivation: The Barclay Marathon and Overcoming Limits

This script features a morning show with hosts Keith and Nicole discussing various topics to motivate listeners at the start of their day. They cover personal challenges, the importance of accountability, and highlight the Barclay Marathon, emphasizing the incredible accomplishment of Jasmine Paris as the first woman to complete this challenging race. The show includes discussions about recovery from physical activities, goals setting, overcoming mental and physical obstacles, and the significance of perseverance. They also touch on pop culture references like reality TV and social media to keep the episode relatable and engaging.

  • 00:00 Kicking Off the Morning Show: Introductions and Updates

  • 02:22 Diving into the Barkley Marathon: The World's Toughest Race

  • 03:27 Nicole's Goggins Challenge Experience: A Test of Endurance

  • 14:00 Fueling for the Challenge: Eating Habits and Strategies

  • 20:31 LinkedIn Profile Makeover: Tips and Tricks

  • 26:30 Diving Into LinkedIn Strategies and Personal Branding

  • 27:36 The Power of Accountability and Personal Challenges

  • 29:02 Embracing Hardships and Teaching Resilience

  • 30:27 The Business Athlete Performance Lab: Goals and Offerings

  • 35:53 Pop Culture Breakdown: Reality TV and Celebrity Scandals

  • 38:41 The Barclay Marathon: A Test of Endurance and Will

  • 54:40 Wrapping Up: Reflections and Looking Ahead

Is the Barkley Marathon The toughest race in the world?



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