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I Joined a Community that Will Change My Life

PLUS | Operational Excellence, Spring Break LIFESTYLE Tips

In this episode, Keith starts by sharing his enthusiasm for joining the Brand Built community, a network built by Darren Mass and Nat Berman focused on connecting business individuals.

  • Keith reveals plans for turning their morning show into the world's greatest talk show on LinkedIn and YouTube with ambitious comparisons to Mr. Beast.

  • The discussion shifts to personal stories, including Nicole’s trip to see 'Arthur the King' with her daughter, and the anticipation of hosting an exchange student from France.

  • They discuss their children's interaction with technology and share their strategies for managing screen time and promoting other activities.

  • Keith and Nicole highlight the importance of being part of communities, such as Brand Built, to enhance business and personal growth. They talk about the potential of bringing guests onto their show from Brand Built and share their thoughts on operational excellence, using the migration of content from Hulu to Disney+ as a case study.

  • The episode wraps up with plans for future shows and a guest appearance from a construction CEO solving the U.S. housing crisis.

  • 00:00 Kicking Off with Camera Troubles and a Warm Welcome

  • 00:26 Joining a New Community: The Excitement Begins

  • 03:08 The Vision: Creating the World's Greatest Talk Show

  • 06:45 A Heartwarming Movie Experience and Its Personal Connection

  • 08:29 Preparing for an Exchange Student: A New Adventure

  • 09:30 Spring Break Insights: Embracing Family Time and Digital Detox

  • 14:19 Exploring Operational Excellence and Media Mergers

  • 16:01 Aspiring to Be the Morning's Biggest Conversation

  • 22:42 A Deep Dive into Social Media Evolution and Content Creation

  • 24:57 Unlocking the Power of Social Media Engagement

  • 25:22 The Evolution of Media and Its Impact on Society

  • 25:44 Personal Branding and Content Creation Strategies

  • 26:33 Exploring the Canadian Media Landscape

  • 26:56 Diving Into the World of Podcasts and Music

  • 27:28 Maximizing Engagement on LinkedIn

  • 28:38 The Future of Podcasts and Video Content

  • 29:10 Operational Excellence in Business

  • 31:19 Joining and Benefiting from Communities

  • 36:57 The Importance of Finding Your Tribe

  • 37:41 Behind the Scenes with Brand Built

  • 37:50 Insights on Operations and Scaling with Disney and Hulu

  • 40:41 Wrapping Up: Engaging Content and Future Plans

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