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How Sandra Macele Added 1000 LinkedIn Followers in a week

PLUS: Gimme Some Grace eh!

Today on the show:

In this engaging episode, hosts Keith and Nicole kickstart the day with vibrant energy, discussing the discovery of an effective LinkedIn strategy by Sandra McCall that helped her gain 1000 followers in a week.

The episode delves into McCall's methodology, exploring her unique approach to engaging with her LinkedIn network and the importance of authentic content creation.

Additionally, the episode features insights on workplace communication, highlighting a candid discussion with Dr. Stevie Dawn Carter on the power of empathy, assumptions meetings, and the critical role of grace in professional settings.

Through lively banter and thoughtful exchanges, Keith and Nicole also touch upon personal anecdotes, the value of understanding individual struggles, and the importance of kindness in everyday interactions, providing listeners with practical tips and profound takeaways for both professional and personal growth.

  • 00:00 Kickstarting the Day with Energy and Organization

  • 00:50 Unlocking LinkedIn Growth: Sandra McCall's Strategy

  • 01:46 The Power of Empathy and Grace in Communication

  • 05:57 Car Shopping Adventures and Hockey Championship Anticipation

  • 07:37 Navigating Post-Challenge Recovery and Preparing for a New Exchange Student

  • 22:55 Diving Deep into Sandra McCall's LinkedIn Success Strategy

  • 29:29 Decoding Sandra McCall's LinkedIn Strategy

  • 32:37 The Power of Niching Down in Content Creation

  • 34:08 Embracing the Nemesis Strategy for Brand Differentiation

  • 37:21 Navigating Bro Marketing and Corporate Culture

  • 44:12 The Art of Assumption Meetings for Clearer Communication

  • 49:03 Grace in the Workplace: A Deep Dive

💥 How my Linked in Exploded with 1000 new followers in a week - @SandraMacele

💥 The Importance of Grace in the workplace

💥 The power of an Assumptions Meeting?

A laugh to begin your day…

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Get more from Keith Bilous in the Substack app
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