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Empowering Women: Tech Industry Revolution

Changing Perspective on Failure | SONIA COUTO | Episode #151

In this episode, Keith Bilous is joined by Sonia Cuoto, a tech leader who shares her journey of overcoming adversity and breaking barriers.

They discuss her cancer battle, the importance of vulnerability in leadership, and the pitfalls of over-hiring in startups.

Sonia also reveals her approach to succession planning, work-life balance, and navigating a male-dominated industry. The conversation wraps up with Sonia's perspective on failure and her initiative, the Tenacity podcast.

Overcoming adversity, Breaking barriers in tech, Vulnerability in leadership, Startup challenges, Succession planning, Work-life balance, Dressing for success, Male-dominated industry, Perspective on failure, Paying it forward,

Key Points

  • Sonia Kudo discusses her journey from a challenging childhood to becoming a tenacious tech leader, emphasizing the importance of resilience and learning from setbacks.

  • Sonia shares her strategy for success in male-dominated industries, including creating an empowered alter ego and the significance of appearance and confidence in professional settings.

  • The podcast highlights the value of sharing experiences and providing accessible mentorship through stories of overcoming adversity, aiming to inspire and guide aspiring entrepreneurs and founders.


  • 0:00 Introduction to the show with Keith Bilous

  • 5:10 Interview with Sonia Kudo begins: Overcoming adversity and breaking barriers in tech

  • 17:05 Sonia's cancer journey: Vulnerability in leadership and lifelong battles

  • 23:31 Rising through the ranks: Understanding roles and pitfalls of over-hiring in startups

  • 32:07 Succession planning and work-life balance for business sustainability

  • 39:22 Dressing for success and facing challenges in a male-dominated industry

  • 46:00 Changing perspective on failure and paying it forward with the Tenacity podcast

  • 51:00 Closing remarks and contact information 56:04 Recap of live show and guest appreciation 57:03 Preview of upcoming shows and guest announcements

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