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This is The Firewalker

Episode #82 | Dave Albin

This guy walks on Fire.

He walks on Glass.

He helps people overcome their biggest obstacles.

This is Dave Albin.

Stepping into the fire, Dave Albin found his truth.

  • At 11, his world flipped upside down.

  • He wrestled with shadows, seeking light.

  • His rebirth came, walking on embers.

From each ember, Dave drew lessons:

  • Confront your fears, they're mere signposts.

  • The toughest journeys sculpt the strongest souls.

  • Owning your story reshapes your destiny.

Dave's breakthroughs:

  1. Lean into adversity.

  2. Rewrite your narrative, reshape your path.

  3. Empower others, amplify your impact.

Dave now guides others across their fires.

United, we transcend.

I hope you enjoy the episode with the FireWalker.



Keith Bilous


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