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Craft and Create Leverage in the Story you Tell

What is your Worth? | Jacob Turner | Episode #73

Hey, Bapl Nation,

Keith here.

I am kicking off our Jacob Turner Takeover in the Business Athlete Performance Lab with a conversation that dips into the idea of “value” and what you are worth.

This is a 10 min bapl block.


Give it a listen but before you do, here’s the scoop:

  • Turner’s Triumphs: From a high school sensation to the MLB at 18, Jacob's journey is a masterclass in seizing opportunities.

  • Big Decisions, Young Age: At 18, he faced choices that could make or break his future. It’s all about balancing immediate success with long-term vision.

  • Financial Foresight: His story isn’t just about baseball; it’s a lesson in financial wisdom. Every young athlete needs to hear this!

Jacob Turner, once a top draft pick for the Detroit Tigers, knows the highs and lows of pro sports. His insights are invaluable, especially for young athletes navigating their paths.

Give it a listen.

Until tomorrow.

You know where to find me. Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous - Noon CST (-6 GMT)aa

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