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Building a Virtual Girlfriend

The Most Advanced AI Platform Ever Seen | Vincent Valentine | #013

Today on the show:

In this episode of 'Mornings in the Lab,' hosts Keith Bilous and Nicole Bernard embark on an enlightening conversation with Vincent Valentine and Andy Booth, the innovative minds behind Cognitive AI.

VIncent and Andy

The discussion delves deep into their newest venture,, revealing its true purpose as a tool designed not to replace human companionship but to enhance users' confidence and social skills to foster real-world relationships. They also touch upon the future of AI in various domains, addressing misconceptions and highlighting their ethical approach towards AI development and user data. The conversation also explores other AI-driven initiatives under Cognitive AI and offers insights into the potential future of AI in solving complex social problems.

The Future of Dating: How AI Could Revolutionize Relationships


  • 00:00 Welcome to the Business Athlete Nation Morning Show

  • 00:18 Diving Into AI: The Future of Business and Creativity

  • 01:46 Personal Updates and Spring Break Life

  • 02:58 The Importance of Operational Infrastructure in Business

  • 04:56 Previewing Today's Guest: Craig Thorne and the World of Beer

  • 07:22 Introducing Vincent Valentine: The AI Revolution

  • 10:08 Exploring the Concept of AI Girlfriends with Cognitive AI

  • 14:46 The Ethical and Practical Aspects of AI Relationships

  • 24:26 Looking Towards the Future of AI-Assisted Relationships

  • 27:01 Exploring AI's Role in Personal Relationships

  • 27:22 The Future of AI in Dating and Matchmaking

  • 27:52 Building Trust and Privacy in AI Relationships

  • 29:24 The Skeptic's View: Addressing Concerns and Ethical Questions

  • 33:09 Expanding Horizons: From Girlfriend AI to Real Estate and Beyond

  • 35:06 The Evolution of Search: AI's Challenge to Google

  • 45:42 Anticipating the Future of AI in Humanoid Robots

  • 48:00 Concluding Thoughts: The Ethical and Social Implications of AI

Why Watch this Episode?

  • Discover the groundbreaking work of Vincent Valentine and Andy Booth from Cognitive AI, particularly their project, and its aim to boost users' social skills.

  • Learn about the ethical considerations and user data privacy that Cognitive AI prioritizes in their AI development process.

  • Explore the potential future of AI in enhancing not just personal relationships but also its application in broader social contexts.

  • Gain insights into how AI is set to transform various sectors beyond personal companionship, including real estate and search technologies.

  • Engage with the conversation that clarifies common misconceptions about AI and its role in modern society, emphasizing a future where AI aids rather than replaces human interaction.

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