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7 Steps to Living Longer

Living Longer, Business Insights, and Life Updates

In this episode of 'Mornings in the Lab', hosts Keith and Nicole dive into a range of topics starting with their commitment to broadcasting every weekday.

Nicole shares her struggle with illness and her journey towards an ultra-marathon.

They touch on various subjects including business, athletics, performance, AI, adventure, lifestyle, longevity, and specifically, the seven keys to living longer. Nicole's skepticism towards fruits and her experiences with cannabis laws in different states are discussed.

The episode also delves into the promise of VR in fitness, the evolution of content on YouTube, particularly referring to Mr. Beast's changing style, and a humorous anecdote about rats affecting marijuana storage at the New Orleans police department.

Throughout the episode, the importance of positivity, managing health, and embracing life's fluctuations form the crux of their conversation.

  • 00:00 Welcome to Day Three: Mornings in the Lab with Keith and Nicole

  • 02:57 Introducing Today's Theme: The Seven Keys to Living Longer

  • 04:12 Nicole Joins the Show: Discussing Illness and Daily Routines

  • 05:24 Exploring Unique Business Ventures and Audience Engagement

  • 16:02 Diving into Ultra Marathons and Personal Challenges

  • 22:52 The Accountability Post: Stress as a Tool for Growth

  • 26:45 Show Updates and Engaging with the Audience

  • 29:31 Transitioning to the Seven Keys to Living Longer

  • 31:28 Exploring Key Life Aspects: Mindset, Nutrition, and Purpose

  • 32:04 Personal Stories of Loss and the Impact of Cancer

  • 32:44 Diving Into the Seven Steps to Longevity

  • 33:38 The Importance of Movement and Personal Anecdotes

  • 34:23 Nicole's Unique Lifestyle: The 12-Passenger Van Adventure

  • 35:28 Family Dynamics and the Challenge of Parenthood

  • 36:10 Discussing Dietary Preferences and Challenges

  • 38:07 The Seven Steps to Longevity Continued: Eating Habits and Sleep

  • 40:01 Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle: Avoiding Smoking and Excessive Drinking

  • 40:59 Nicole Bernard's Entrepreneurial Journey and Podcast Insights

  • 44:07 Cultivating a Positive Mindset and the Impact of Media

  • 46:00 The Evolution of Mr. Beast and YouTube Content Trends

  • 49:49 Exploring Virtual Reality and Its Potential for Fitness

  • 56:47 Wrapping Up: Reflecting on Personal Growth and Future Plans

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