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5 Undeniable Consumer Stats of Video Marketing | Nicoles 100 Day UltraMarathon Update

Week Two Begins | From LinkedIn's Evolution to Ultra-Marathon Training Insights

In this lively morning show episode, hosts Keith and Nicole offer a mix of business insights, athletic endeavors, and personal anecdotes to energize viewers for the day ahead.

They discuss LinkedIn's new features, including gaming and news, alongside the implications of potential changes in Apple's search strategy. Nicole shares updates on her ultra-marathon training journey, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and commitment.

The hosts delve into the concept of the Business Athlete Performance Lab, positioning it as a virtual gym for achieving audacious goals.

Conversations also touch on weekend activities, St. Patrick's Day celebrations, societal observations, and the shifting landscape of news consumption.

Keith and Nicole highlight the undeniable importance of video marketing, supported by consumer statistics, and propose effective cardio workouts for weight loss.

The morning show aims to be an accountability partner for listeners, encouraging progress in business, athletics, and personal growth.

  • 00:00 Kickoff: Good Morning and Today's Agenda

  • 01:01 LinkedIn's Evolution and Nicole's Ultra Marathon Journey

  • 02:24 Weekend Recap and St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

  • 04:02 Rant on Manufactured Holidays and Corporate Culture

  • 05:45 Nicole's Weekend and Mount Hood Adventures

  • 13:43 Goal Getters: Nicole's Ultra Marathon Training Update

  • 19:52 Introducing the Business Athlete Performance Lab

  • 26:34 Unlocking Your Potential with the Business Athlete Performance Lab

  • 26:49 The Power of Accountability and Community in Achieving Goals

  • 27:34 Transforming Your Gym Membership into Real Value

  • 30:18 Embracing Change and Innovation in Business and Fitness

  • 34:55 The Evolution of LinkedIn: Gaming, Sponsorships, and News

  • 42:19 The Unstoppable Rise of Video Content in Marketing

  • 49:35 Maximizing Your Cardio Workouts for Effective Weight Loss

  • 52:03 Wrapping Up: Daily Routines, Upcoming Challenges, and Future Plans

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