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21 Lessons learned about Entrepreneurship

Plus Introducing the Nason Group

Today on the show:

  • IIn this lively episode of 'Mornings with Keith & Nicole,' the hosts kick off the day with engaging discussions, starting with a no April Fools' spirit and touching on Gmail's 20-year anniversary.

  • They delve into reflections on Easter celebrations, discuss the phenomenon of 'jeffing' for runners, and tease an upcoming show with bodybuilder John Anderson.

  • Special guest Shawn Nason, former Walt Disney Imagineer and founder of The Nascent Group, joins to share his journey to launching his new endeavor aimed at empowering authentic voices on LinkedIn.

  • Shawn emphasizes the power of consistency, the social nature of LinkedIn, and the importance of knowing one's story for genuine engagement. The episode wraps with a fun preview of an interview with John Anderson and encourages the audience to join upcoming discussions.

  • 00:00 Kicking Off with a No-Fooling Morning Show

  • 01:59 Reflecting on Gmail's 20th Anniversary & April Fools

  • 02:21 Easter Celebrations and Audience Engagement

  • 02:39 Highlighting Creators and Upcoming Topics

  • 05:24 Weekend Adventures and Cultural Exchanges

  • 07:15 Discussing Iconic Movies and Remakes

  • 10:44 Introducing Upcoming Guests and Networking Insights 1

  • 6:37 Ultra Marathon Training Updates and Goal Setting

  • 25:19 Embracing Entrepreneurship and Parenting Lessons

  • 28:53 Embracing Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

  • 29:08 The Impact of Parenthood on Leadership Styles

  • 29:47 Resilience and Learning from Failure: Parenthood Lessons

  • 30:36 Celebrating Small Wins in Business and Parenthood

  • 33:11 The Importance of Support Networks and Accountability

  • 35:19 Learning to Let Go and Other Key Entrepreneurial Lessons

  • 40:39 Introducing Sean Nason: From Disney Imagineer to LinkedIn Influencer

  • 41:23 Launching the Nason Group: A Mission to Humanize the World

  • 53:27 Consistency and Authenticity: The Keys to LinkedIn Success

  • 58:19 Wrapping Up and Looking Forward

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