Who is Keith Bilous and why join The Business Athlete Performance Lab?

In the early 2000s, I bootstrapped a social media business and later sold it for $50M.

I then went silent.

This is my story.

Once I sold the company, I continued to run it as CEO until 2021, marking a decade of leadership and unprecedented growth.

While my professional life soared, I was a lost and broken human on the inside.

Going through a divorce, seeing how social media and my lifestyle were influencing me, and wondering what it was all doing to my then nine-year-old son, I left social media.

In between it all, I traveled the world and trekked mountains.

In February 2021, I got a call.

The company I had created and nurtured to success was heading in a new direction—and I wasn’t invited.

It was f****** awful.

But that’s the thing about true growth. It never comes easy.

The next 22 months was a time of self-reflection, self-discovery, making an identity shift, and finding my new purpose—my Next. In between becoming the world’s best Dad Uber driver, reconnecting with my kids, and finding new love, I discovered the power of accountability in ensuring success in all areas of my life.

Now, I’m the founder of the Business Athlete Performance Lab (BAPL) and host of Live in the Lab with Keith Bilous, a SaaS (Show as a Service) aimed at inspiring, informing, and motivating growth-stage entrepreneurs and startup founders who want to achieve their Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

I invite you to join BAPL and subscribe to Inside the Business Athlete Performance Lab Newsletter, the world’s most dedicated accountability company for determined growth-stage entrepreneurs and founders.

Here’s how we can help you in the Lab

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What you’ll get for just $8 per month:

  • Join me and my guests LIVE every day at noon Central Time (CST). We engage in raw, candid, and entertaining discussions about the challenges and successes of entrepreneurship.

  • LiTL with Keith Bilous is like a book that keeps on giving—and you get to spend time with the author every single day. It’s a living book full of shared experiences, all aimed at inspiring and motivating you through relatable, real-life stories.

  • You can expect an accountability check-in in your inbox and podcast player every day.

  • We create various forms of content for our LitL subscribers aimed at:

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    • and motivating you

    • to keep you accountable to achieving your goals in business and life.

  • BAPL Blocks: We chop up LiTL interviews and distribute them as blocks of easily digestible 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 60-minute chunks of inspiration and motivation to help you get through each day.

  • Exclusive access to the BAPL Accountability Community on WhatsApp and Substack, where you can meet and connect with fellow entrepreneurs and founders who share your passion and determination to succeed.

    We make suggestions. You make decisions.

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    • Direct access to Keith and other accountability partners at BAPL.

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    • Priority access to BAPL BRAND.

    • League Members-Only access to BAPL’s Transformational Experiences.

The League of Business Athletes membership plan is the tailored solution every entrepreneur and founder with grand goals needs. We’ll help you turn accountability into a fun, daily ritual so that you can achieve every goal you set for yourself.

Join the league for access to a team dedicated to ONE thing: helping you achieve success in business and life.

The League is more than a commitment. It is a lifetime transformation. It is an investment in yourself that you can’t lose track of, because you’ll have access to an accountability partner vested in your success.

Whatever you need to achieve, we’ve got your back.

Meet with Keith


Meet with Keith to discuss what’s standing between you and achieving your goals.

BAPL COACH is for growth-stage entrepreneurs and startup founders who are stuck in some undesirable situation they can’t escape despite everything they’ve tried.

This is a 1:1 coaching experience like no other.

We’ll discuss what’s holding you back and explore the best way to achieve it. But here’s where those discussions will take place:

  • While walking.

  • While training together.

  • While climbing a mountain.

  • While we’re competing in an Ironman.

  • While we prepare for a marathon together.

I’m going to help you get unstuck, get your head back in the game, and help you achieve your Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

This is for you if:

  1. You don’t know how to stay on track with your goals.

  2. You want an accountability partner to help you explore new goals and ideas.

  3. You want to make a significant change, like losing weight, becoming a better human, or increasing sales, but you need a partner to encourage you along the way.

Meet with Keith

Want to start your own thing?

Build your personal brand the BAPL way—with dedicated support, guidance, and an accountability partner that gets you.

Brand Building for Transitioning Business Leaders

Who this is for:

BAPL BRAND is for Career-Transitioning Business Leaders and Retiring Athletes who are searching for Next in their lives.

We’ll help you:

  • Become an authority figure in your industry or area of expertise.

  • Build a captivating brand for the Next stage in your life.

  • Make-high value connections.

  • Build a loyal audience.

  • Increase profits.

We are your dedicated BRANDing team of brand advisors, podcast producers, and writers focused on helping you grow your brand and influence on LinkedIn and Substack.


This is for you if:

  1. You don’t have time to manage and grow your LinkedIn account or newsletter.

  2. You want to leverage your number one asset—your experience—for your Next.

  3. You want to build, expand, or manage your personal brand.

  4. You want to control your own narrative and story.

  5. You want to expand your professional network.

  6. You want to build an audience for your Next.

  7. You want to be an authority in an industry.

  8. You want to increase sales.

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